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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction offers sacred space to sit with another and decipher together the working of God's Spirit in your life.  It is an invitation to retreat from the noise of the world, for you to be heard, and most importantly, discern and hear God's voice speaking personally to you, as you move deeper into union with the triune God.  

Deepen Your Awareness of God

Pursue your desire to have a more meaningful experience of the presence of God in the midst of the demands of every day life and your relationships.  

Discern God's Will

Grow in the art of discerning God's will for your life by following the leading of His Spirit in making decisions and faithfully leaning into the circumstances God gives you each moment.  

Grow in the Spiritual Disciplines 

Explore the practice of ancient spiritual disciplines for strengthening and maintaining the connection between your spirit and God's Spirit in  custom-tailored ways taking into consideration how the Creator has uniquely designed you.

Seek Answers

Many of us have questions about God, the world, humanity, evil and the texts of the Bible.  God is often present in our questions wanting to take us further into His story and knowledge of who He is.  Spiritual direction offers a safe, non-judgmental space to grapple with and work through those questions His very Spirit is prompting within you.  

Heal to Move Forward

Gain a greater understanding of how God's grand story of the cosmos intersects with and informs your past, present, and future in order to discover healing and purpose for moving forward in the story God is authoring for you.  

Engage in Prayer for Deliverance

Receive prayer for deliverance from any spiritual strongholds in your life.

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