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"English people often say, 'That's interesting, lets talk about it, let's explore it as an idea,' but never actually do anything about it.  To meet God means to enter into the 'cave of a tiger'-it is not a pussy cat you meet-it's a tiger.  The realm of God is dangerous.  You must enter into it and not just seek information about it."  -Anthony Bloom

"For the most part, of course, the presence and action of the great spiritual universe surrounding us is no more noticed by us than the pressure of air on our bodies, or the action of light.  Our field of attention is not wide enough for that; our spiritual senses are not sufficiently alert.  Most people work so hard developing their correspondance with the visible world, that their power of corresponding with the invisible is left in a rudimentary state.  But when for some reason or other, we begin to wake up a little bit, to lift the nose from the ground and notice that spiritual light and that spiritual atmosphere as real constituents of our human world; then, the whole situation is changed.  Our horizon is widened, our experience is enormously enriched, and at the same time our responsibilities are enlarged.  For now we get an entirely new idea of what human beings are for, and what they can achieve: as a result, first our notions about life, our scale of values, begins to change, and then we do."  -Evelyn Underhill 

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