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Welcome to Two Trees.  There are two primary objectives for our time together.  The first is to begin equipping you with ancient literary competency in reading the Judeo-Christian Scriptures.  By this we are simply recognizing that while the Bible was written for us, it was not written to us.  It was first written to a beloved people who lived in a different time, place, and culture from our own.  Therefore, to become faithful interpreters of these sacred texts, our first task is to enter into these ancient cultures, and as best we can, learn to see and hear not with our 21st century eye and ears, but with the eyes and ears of those who lived when these texts were first received.  Doing this difficult but fruitful work prepares us to then apply the eternal wisdom of God to the cores concerns of our present day lives and faithfully discern God's good and perfect will for each of us.  For we serve the God who still speaks afresh to His beloved people, not least through these sacred writings.  

The second objective of Two Trees is to familiarize you with reading the Bible as an unified narrative which tells the true story of the metaphysical reality of the world in which we live.  It is a story that is still advancing towards a goal.  A story in which God has a will for your life which He desires to reveal and for you to discover.  The better you are able to understand the Story - where it began, where it's been, where it is now, and where it is headed - not only will you be a better reader and interpreter of the Bible, you will be better equipped to rightly orient your decisions and play your part well.      

To begin this journey follow the links below:

Session Two

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Session Five

Session Six

Session Seven

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